Saturday, August 16, 2008

Featured on Communication Arts Home Page

Well, my late nights howling into my webcam have paid off. I have been promoting my new site as a creative/promotional expression. I wrote a song about Communication Arts Magazine and they featured it as a news item on their home page! Thanks CA. Thats 3 times I have had them recognize me in their prestigious world. The first time it was a letter to the editor blasting a sleezy Corel ad. I tore it out and mailed it to them - with magic marker written across it: "You can have this back. If I see it again in your publication I will cancel my subscription. I also sent a letter separately and they published in one of their issues. The second time was their "site of the week" on their home page. And this third time makes me happy. ...If only I could now get my design work printed in their pages...

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